About me

Who am I?

My name is Bill Owen. I am a media content creator and entrepeneur — who is fascinated by the internet and digital media for it’s power to communicate and to influence. I see old media, books, magazines, and even television slipping away to be replaced by… well lots of things, and those things keep on evolving, it’s not just eBooks anymore. Although we are no longer limited to ‘mere’ words, we must never forget their power.

I have been learning about media, and using it, my whole life, from working in a local cable station in the 70’s to creating multimedia content for the federal government, various, NGO’s and the private sector, I’ve been there.

Where am I am going? Out of home advertizing, lighting up whole buildings, multimedia content for digital eBooks, eZines, smart phones, tablets and other convergent devices.


As someone who could have chosen any number of business lines to pursue I chose digital signage because I believe that this is a new market with lots of opportunities. Everyone who has a sign now, could benefit from a digital sign. That’s a big market; that’s our market.

What we Do?

Everyone has a story, let me help you tell yours!

We help you get noticed and promote your enterprise whatever it is. We help you show the world how good you are. We take the pictures, we create the images, write the text, hook up the wires, whatever it takes.

Anything is possible!


I love gadgets too and often post as ‘Gary_7vn’ at Gizmodo, the number one gadget site. It’s a lot of fun. I often see things that can be of use in my business, like window transponders and pico projectors.

Politics is another passion, I often post over at at Glenn Greenwald’s blog, Unclaimed Territory. Glenn is one of the finest political writers in America today and his blog is consistantly top rated.


We’d like to branch into providing rich media content for ebooks, ezines, facebook and other social media. If you have a project in mind where you need animations, illustrations, or an interface for your content, whether it’s in a textbook, a smartphone novel, whatever; we’d like to talk to you.