Digital Signage

New product

Imagine turning your entire storefront window into a giant video screen! Eyestir is now offering ProScreen rear projection screens that you can use turn your window into a window filling, DAYLIGHT VIEWABLE, multimedia sign! Think of the possibilities!

Bright, even in daylight, and visible from inside and outside – nothing gets attention better than a giant video about your enterprise in your window!

You provide the window; we provide the content. As well as advising and assisting in all aspects of the project.

What do you want to say today?

Eyestir digital media is a cost effective solution to your marketing needs.

Imagine a beautiful multimedia presentation running on a flat screen in your window, lobby, or foyer. You can even mount it on the wall like a painting.

Tell people who you are. Show them what you got. Demonstrate your strengths!

Paper vs Digital?

  • »Content is easily updated with new material. You will have customized content – unique to your enterprise – with your message.
  • »Digital signage is eye-catching; far superiour to standard signage.
  • »Rich animated multimedia with music and sound — will draw eyes to your enterprise in a way that paper or bright blinking “OPEN” signs never could.
  • »With digital signage you can present much more information in one place than ever before.
  • »You will be able to display expensive items in your window or showroom with no worries about theft.

Hardware Requirements

Projector System

  1. Window Screen
  2. Media player
  3. Projector

– Links –

  • LED Projector
  • ProScreen

LCD Panel System

Thin, light, stand-alone screens that will play your content from a memory card – no computer required! On a wall, in a window. Anywhere. Get Attention. Inform.

* Your display can also be connected to easily updated content on the internet instead of a media player.

What’s involved?

Eyestir offers a full service solution. We take the pictures, do the content, even write your copy, and we help you with hardware and installation! An multimedia show in your window with attractive content, is a wonderful way to expose viewers to your goods or services. It’s win win for everyone!

We can take you from an empty window or wall — to a beautiful eyecatching display.

From concept to execution; Eyestir does it all