What is TrikPix?

TrikPix is a unique PhotoShopping service that we provide for events such as weddings, parties, or other special events.

We can turn your next event into a fun and unique experience.

If you want custom faux images — we can do anything you like. Or you can select a ready go image of your choice from our catalogue.

Do you want to stand on the moon, play with unicorns, or just want to see how you’d look in a kilt, TrikPix is for you!

How it’s done!

First we take your picture in front of a blue screen. Then we remove your image from the background and add you to the picture of your choice. Choose from an existing portfolio, or suggest a custom faux photo. We can do it, and people will laugh when they see you shaking hands with the PM, or cry when they see the picture of you and and the bridesmaids in the clouds with the angels.

Next, we print the images for you right at the venue. We use high quality dye sub prints that last 100 years and are waterproof and smudge proof. –Contact us for a quote.

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